August 24, 2018 admin

Ryan Avent wonders whether Walmart can do for local communities what the federal government cannot: Wal-Mart clearly has market power, which it occasionally uses abusively, if not necessarily illegally. But sometimes, it uses its market power to accomplish things government entities are unwilling or unable to accomplish—pressing environmental standards on its suppliers, for instance, or reining in abusive lenders.   (more…)

August 2, 2018 admin

Improvements in body armor and the insurgency’s reliance on explosives have contributed to a new “signature wound” of the Iraq war — brain trauma.  In USA Today: Known as traumatic brain injury, or TBI, the wound is of the sort that many soldiers in previous wars never lived long enough to suffer. The explosions often cause brain damage similar to “shaken-baby syndrome,” says Warren Lux, a neurologist at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington. “You’ve got great body armor on, and you don’t die,” says Louis French, a neuropsychologist at Walter Reed. “But there’s a whole other set of possible consequences….